Cloud HRMS

Is used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. The responsibilities of a human resource manager fall into these major areas: staffing, employee compensation and benefits and defining/designing work.

Time in & Time out Management of Employee

Time in & time out of office are recorded in the system and also can get detailed report on late coming, early leaving for the day is maintained.

Leaves Management of Individual Employee

Request and approval of leaves can be done through the system, system manages leaves requested and remaining of the employee on a real time.

Dynamic Shift Scheduling

A Customized 24x7 shift can be managed. Multiple shift can be created for a company.

Appraisals Management of Individual Employee

Self-appraisal forms can be filled in the system itself and managerial level also appraises in the system which makes the process transparent.

Blog for Employee

The Blog section where HR can post blog and employee can put their individual comments on that blog its two way communication between the employees and HR.

Trainings Management for Employee

All type of trainings can be managed, employee may request for any technical or non-technical training and corresponding HOD may approve or reject his/her request. All these things will be tracked in the system.

Document Management for Individual Employee

All documents related to individual employee either employee given to HR or vice versa like offer letter, joining letter, passport copy, educational documents etc. is managed in the system efficiently which makes retrieval easier and saves a lot of time.

Dashboard for individual Employee

Very attractive dashboard for individual employee with their related information.

Dynamic Salary Structure

Dynamic salary structure is there in the system you can design salary structure according to your rules and regulation just need to define your rules in the system.

Reminder for Birthday & Anniversary

System having great functionality where all upcoming events will be displayed like birthday, anniversary etc. and also employee can wish them through sending email from the system itself. .

Dynamic Holiday Management

Holiday list can be defined in the system according to the company yearly, which will be shown on individual employee’s dashboard.

Customize Report Builder

It’s a great feature in the system where HR can generate reports by themselves as per their requirement after just spending few minutes.

Claim & reimbursements Management

Very easy to manage claims through system, claim can be submitted for approval by an employee and their HOD will approve/reject the same.

Business Organizational Hierarchy Management

After defining hierarchy in the system, if any escalation happens system will automatically manage Hierarchy.

Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard changed conventional thinking about performance metrics and is being used in business and industry.

Government Regulation Management

National and international government regulations can be managed in the system.

Customize Template of letter

Letter templates can be designed easily in the system, HR can send emails easily from the system using designed templates in the system.

Formalities for Employee Exit

Employee exit formalities can be managed easily in the system, employee can put their feedback in the system itself.

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