SEO Marketing

When you look for an SEO expert, SEO analyst, or an internet and digital marketing expert in India or anywhere, you are confounded with results from so many quarters. So many companies and individuals in India promise results. But can they be trusted? How does SRS differ from them? SRS is run by an internet marketing professional and SEO Expert in Delhi with over 5-years of experience and robust credentials. Based out of the cultural capital of India,what makes him click is his single-minded focus to understanding client needs and dealing with them on a one-to-one basis. Having served with some of the leading media agencies and corporates in an advisory and management level in SEO analysis and internet marketing, he cuts through the clutter and delivers real value to multiply your business value.

Create Content for Users

What’s happening these days is that everyone is writing just to please the search engines and in this process they are losing the basic essence of writing. The main purpose of your writing should be for people, they should find your content useful and relevant to what they are looking for. But keep remember that in this process you can’t provide any well written duplicate copied content to get the user attention. Create fresh, quality and user engaging content so that no one can stop you from ranking high.

Using Social Media Effectively

Many business owners complain that they are using all channels of social media but still not getting the desired results. But the question is, are you using social media effectively? Social Media is way larger than just creating accounts. Everyday announce loudly about the products and expecting sales rather than focus on creating the awareness about your brand using fun elements like through various contests, polls, quiz etc. Be polite and quick to your customer queries on social media and those who will be happy with your service may also leave a good review about your business.

Figure out Each Possible Combination of Keywords

Think as a user and then research all the probable keywords and their combinations that are on search trends and on that basis start optimizing your website. SEO service providers tend to use long tail keywords that are conversion friendly.

Internal Linking Still Matters

One of the most important aspects of SEO is internal linking but still many website owners forget to link anchor text internally. In general, it links one article of a site to another. Not more than three links are recommended on each web page.

Content Marketing

Just creating a blog is not enough; you have to market it properly to get the maximum benefits out of it. Share it as much as possible on various Social Media platforms and don’t forget to provide a share button on your blog, so that your readers can easily do the sharing for you. Scoop it is a great source from where you can get huge traffic to your website. SEO Link building on high PR sites is also effective to get targeted visitors.